When to choose a BnB over a traditional hotel stay:

When does the appeal of a Short Term Rental win over the allure of a traditional hotel room or suite? Which is the better choice, for you?

Often, when we say “AirBnb”, we are really describing, the “Short-term Rental” experience. Companies like VRBO, and AirBnb, have flooded the airwaves recently with the opportunity to temporarily reside in various locales and gain “experiences” there.

Short Term Rentals are not totally new.

But, Short-term Rental is not a new thing. It has been a regular choice for families over the years.

Travelers may lodge at:

The Pocono Mountains, in and around, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Catskill Mountains, in and around Upstate New York, NY

The local beachtowns in and around, the State of New Jersey

Martha’s Vineyard

The Villages of Cape Cod

There are many reasons to choose a Short-term Rental rather than a Hotel stay, whether room, or Suite:

Travelers responded with these comments:

“The comforts of home while you are away”.

“Not sharing the hallways of hotels with strangers”

“Anonymity and Exclusivity”, are two reasons some travelers choose Short-term Rentals over a hotel stay.

Some Short-term Rental operators offer “Personal Experiences” like apple picking, or local tulip bulb festivals.

Experiences can add value, meaning, and enjoyment to your trip.

In conclusion, if you can drive up to a travel resort or Short-term Rental, punch in the keypad code, and enter; you don’t have to interact with others. You and your family can be somewhat insulated from the locale that you are residing in.

When you travel this way, you appear to be one of the locals; not a tourist.

What do you think separates the travel experience of Short-term Renters, as compared to individuals who choose to use the hotel stay experience? Please post a comment in our comment section. Cheers!

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