Is Happiness A Trap?

Do you think that "Happiness", is a trap that you fall into, or is it an ideal or a goal that one aspires to?

Apparently, some consider the concept of happiness a trap that one may fall into. Perhaps sadness sometimes informs one of the difference between wellness and health, and sadness and depression. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv or the blogosphere! I can only share from of my experiences to hopefully, bring another voice to the conversation.

Do you feel trapped while you seek a happier circumstance?

Sometimes the quest for true happiness follows a trauma, a loss, or the grief that follows loss.

Sometimes the loss of a loved one or a treasured pet, may cause the individual to seek for true happiness. Happiness can sometimes be the opposite of the grief that loss can often trigger, a search for relief.

Often Helpful Family or Friends May Have Something to Offer

Family and friends, the good, and encouraging relationships can help someone through a tough time. Personally, I rely on my family, friends, and my faith in a higher power, to help me through tough times.

Strive for Happier Times

I try to laugh, at funny movies, at old birthday cards, at joke books, at the comical things that happen in my life. People often describe outlets that my help find comfort while change occurs in their lives.

Some People Use Journaling to Order Their Thoughts

Gratitude Journals are helpful for some individuals who are struggling with the idea of happiness in their lives. The activity as I understand it, is to write daily, about things and experiences that they are grateful for. The activity had helped me to flesh out my thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and to decide about them. Maybe this will help you, as it did me.

Welcome to The Happiness !

This website is called The Happiness and it is part travel blog, where we discuss travel and experiences; and a place where we use goals to find our way to fun things to do, and interesting places to go in the present, or dream about in the future.

Hopefully you will find your Happiness in our Place! Cheers!

Do you feel that happiness is a trap? Is happiness a pursuit that you participate in? Share your thoughts in the comment section! Thanks for sharing!

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