How to stick to your diet, when you travel!

What do you do to eat smart when you travel, when you have dietary restrictions?

Whether you are trying to maintain a stylish figure, or abstaining from certain foods for health reasons, it can be critical to watch what you eat when you travel.

Someone that I know has Type 2 Diabetes. Many of the people in our overall population are dealing with the effects of this disease. Watching what you eat becomes necessary. Being aware of the nutritional content labeling on the foods that we eat is an important first step to protecting ourselves as we eat on the go.

Often dietary restrictions might include:

  • limiting sugar intake
  • limiting salt intake
  • lowering caloric intake in general

I am not giving medical advice, but I wish to highlight the need to observe what we intake as we travel.

Read the label, and also read the menu

Often, restaurant menus have caloric information printed on them. Asking questions of the server may help you to know the content of the foods you are ordering.

When I am traveling by plane, I can ask about my food options. Eating a small portion size of a high calorie meal may also help.

Talk to your doctor.

If you know that you will be traveling, you may not realize that you will be away from your medical network, when you travel. Make sure you have enough of your medicines to carry you for the trip. If you have special needs you may want to communicate with those who prepare your meals that you have dietary restrictions.

What are some tips that you might add to the conversation? Please post to the comments. Cheers!

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