From exclusive locales, scenic vistas, or unique experiences, what are the three most important features of a short-term rental property?

As I try to answer this question, for myself, for example, I think about the cost, the amenities, the locale, the freebies, and the experiences that make for a unique and special stay.


I want to feel that I am getting good value for my money. I want to feel that the venue is priced well as it compares to other similar properties. Do you compare pricing, as you choose your favorite vacation spot, or do you use other criteria to determine where to go? Do you rely on influencers to help you find the next great vacation spot?


Amenities and freebies are some of the main considerations for me when I am choosing a short-term rental. Amenities include: the look of the overall property, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen. Is there a fitness center, a fireplace, a library, a game room, a media center? It is obvious that these amenities can add value to your enjoyment of the property.


People often say, “Free is for me”. I agree. The complimentary breakfasts, the snacks, the bottles of water, and cups of coffee, add a comfort of the familiar, to a trip to a new place. Some short-term rentals offer washer and dryer access, TV, and complimentary Wifi. Of course, if you have internet connection, you can also connect to your favorite shows over various streaming services that you can watch. Also, some travelers choose Roku, as a portable travel companion that can hold their account settings and preferences, while they travel. Just hook it up to the television via HDMI and you can watch!


Your perfect travel spot is all about location: whether you choose to be close to the beach, or near to family, A getaway that allows you to write, compose, and contemplate, if you want hiking, golfing, skiing, or riding and ATV, Travel that takes you to a special event, like a wedding, or a balloon festival.

All these ideas encompass experiences. Where we often want to travel to a specific place, and for a specific reason, there are the experiences that make each travel experience, unique and special. The way you feel, as you travel, the sights and sounds that you experience, define what a pleasant stay feels like.

What defines a pleasant experience to you in your travels? Post a message here: