What are your favorite perks, or amenities, that you have received at a Short-term rental, AirBnb or Hotel stay?

How did it make you feel?

Does anyone still put a mint on the pillow anymore? I don’t think so. Some venues offer complimentary Continental breakfast, or bottled water when you check in. What are some of the most creative perks that you have experienced?

Did you receive a discount coupon that you could apply to your stay? What are some of the stand out benefits that made your day, when you stayed at a particular Short-term rental, or hotel.

Do you find that the service or attention to detail, is more efficient at one of your fave venues?

Did one place always make you feel welcome? How did they accomplish that for you?

Do you have an EV; Electric Vehicle? Do you need want a charging station? Is it readily available or is it a problem area for you?

In my conclusion, some Short-term rentals, AirBnbs, Vrbos, and Hotels just “get it”. They address customer needs and desires and respond effectively. This makes for , (APE: An old customer service concept, a pleasant experience, for the traveler.

Please tell us in the comment section of this post: What were the favorite perks you have received when you travelled? Happy trails!

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