Albert Einstein shares his Secrets to Happiness

Albert Einstein’s Secret to Happiness

By Edward Robinson

According to Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer, Albert Einstein left a
thought to a hotel worker as a tip, since he didn’t have money for a tip, at
the time.

Here is the quote:

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the
pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.

According to Lara, ” Einstein said to the bellhop, ” it may be worth more than a regular tip someday.”,and at a recent auction the quote sold for 1.3 million dollars!

What do you think?

Enjoy your life, and all that it has to offer. Make the best of the
opportunities that you have. The various amenities that you have at your
disposal can be used creatively to make one happier.

“A calm and modest life” vs. “Pursuit of Success combined with constant restlessness”.

I suppose that a calm and modest life, would include:

  • simple pleasures
  • shelter
  • food
  • friendship
  • companionship
  • property

I suppose that pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness might mean:

  • chasing a dream
  • striving to meet a quota
  • dreaming big dreams
  • making a better life for one, and ones family

My Take…

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with chasing dreams of success, so
long, as one takes the time to smell the roses that are only around for a
little while.

For example, a young family struggles to make ends meet and

  • shelter
  • groceries
  • utilities
  • gasoline
  • internet
  • smartphone minutes, etc.

Family Matters

Remember that the hard work is for the purpose of raising
important little people to adulthood. Also, take time to enjoy the process of
accomplishment that goes along with building a family.

The US Constitution speaks of: “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Einstein mentions the advantages one over the other where the pursuit of
happiness with constant restlessness, is not as good. There is a reasonable
amount of preparation that we all must go through, to then be prepared for
our life.


I suggest that you chase those dreams of success that inspired you, yet
remember to make time to enjoy home, and those closest to you.

Secrets to Happiness and Living the Dream

Amusement Park Choices

Secrets to Happiness begin with the realization that Happiness means different things to diverse people. What makes one person happy, may make another sad, and another indifferent. Here’s the Happiness Place Song of the Day: Lovely Day by Bill Withers!

Take a moment to smile!

  • good times
  • time with friends
  • getting your first car/new car
  • a special date with a special someone
  • cool life experiences

Make the corners of your face move upward if you have to. Then think for a moment, What makes you smile? Is it cat videos? Does watching funny movies make you smile? Is it romantic comedies that makes you happy inside? Are happy times with family and friends what makes you smile? Or, is there something else that brings a happy feeling to you? Does ice cream make you smile? How about shaved ice cones on a hot day on a beach on a tropical island?

What are things that you can begin today that will make you happy today?

What can you do right now, that will make today better for you? Count your blessings. Seriously, what good things are happening to you, or happening around you today? Are there friends, associates, opportunities, that you can utilize to achieve worthwhile goals for today? Even a good nap, sometimes alleviates pain. Going for a brisk walk, can help to clear the cobwebs from one’s mind. A simple snack, a funny cartoon, sometimes can lighten the mood.

What are things that you can plan for today that you can continue to enjoy tomorrow?

Success comes in a plan. Sometimes you need to set goals:

  1. Short term:    From now to 3 months from now
  2. Mid term:        From 3 to 6 months from today
  3. Long term:     From 1 year into the future

Begin working on the brighter future of your own design, and your own imagination.

The secret to Happiness is inside you. You need to flesh it out. What will make you happy? Put pen to paper and chart your course. Choose, decide, and plan. Start today, and you’ll be living the dreams, you choose, and that you want.


Amusement Park Choices

Happiness Is Living Your Dreams — What is it you have always dreamed to do or achieve?

Happiness is Living Your Dreams! What is it you have always wanted to do in life? Make a list. Some folks call it a BucketList. They even made a movie about it. By the way, here is the late Roger Ebert’s review of The Bucket List.

But, seriously make a list of life goals and take a look at them every 4 months or so, just to see how you are doing with your goals.

Here is an image of the Tesla Model S

What type of transportation do you always wish you had? Where would you go? How might you travel?

Where would you dream to live? How would you live? What type of home?

Will you travel? If so, then where? This is an image of a hotel in Aspen:

Do you have health and wellness goals? Would you lose weight? Do you want to gain body mass, and body strength? Are you slimming down dress sizes, or trying to fit into a suit you used to wear?

Goals need to have due dates attached to them, and quantifiable amounts, so that we can tell when we have reached the goal.

Give it some deep thought over time. Decide what you want, and how you can accomplish your personal, and professional goals.

What are some ah-ha moments for you, as you went through or are going through this process? Share them with us in the comments area of the blog. If you do, we may publish some of them on the blog, to stimulate more conversation. Cheers!

Happiness Is Being Accepted And Appreciated At Work Work can be stressful dangerous and sometimes great hostile workplace hazardous conditions

This is the age people start hating work

Work begins to lose its luster at age 35, according to a survey of UK employees, with one in six workers older than 35 saying they were unhappy at the office. (That’s more than double the number of unhappy workers under 35.) In many cases, work and life begin to change around this age: Employees may experience stress from high-ranking positions (or, conversely, not reaching career goals), and cost of living and work-life balance both shift with family obligations. Another recent study in the US found that the workplace itself could be taxing; nearly one in five face a hostile or threatening work environment, and only 38% of workers say their job offers good opportunities for advancement (and that shrinks for older employees). Quote taken from #Hating Work 

Happiness is Being Accepted and Appreciated at Work. For many of us, we dreamed of doing something else other than what we do for a vocation. Much like the aspiring actress, waiting tables, or bartending, while waiting for that big break, many of us are really skilled at something else, other than what they do at their jobs every day.  

Certainly work has changed over recent years. More and more workers are retrained into careers that they may have never considered before. After the economic downturn in 2007, workers are ever more likely to be in jobs they don’t like. People are encouraged to take any job, and are working for a check, basically.

Where is the Happiness in working in a job or career that you do not enjoy? Moreover, if your coworkers make work more difficult for you to do, how do you find the happy in that?

Reinventing yourself is a tradition that happens to workers as they age, anyway. It is good to look at your skillset, and find things that you are really good at. Over time, try your hand at the various skills. Hone your skills with focused training in those specialty areas. Be flexible, and willing to try new careers.

Will everyone fit in at every company? Probably not. Personalities may clash, at one company, where the same individual will fit right in at a different company. Be willing to find the right place for you. Ask friends, and family. Apply to new places. Even though it may take a while to do so, finding employment that is enriching because of acceptance is worth the extra searching.


Is Happiness a Place we can visit? If so, can we stay there?
 Happiest Places to Live

Happiness is a place. It’s a place you can go. It’s where you belong. You’re welcomed there. You’re glad you went. They’re glad you came. Sometimes people try to retreat to a mental “Happy Place”, which is fine I suppose, but then you have to leave there. Are there locales that we can travel to that are nicer than others until we find the perfect spot for us? I think so. In a word, “Yes”!

Happiness is a pursuit that is listed in the United States Constitution. But finding your personal nirvana, can become a life quest or grand challenge. What qualities would define your ideal surroundings? What would make the deal for you?

Cost of living and the power of your money would certainly play a role, because the better your money spends somewhere, the more you can have, and the more you can do? What do you like to do?

Do you play a sport? Race cars? Dine sumptuously? Sail, surf, build? Tell us of your favorite destinations in the comments section. Cheers!

Happiness Is A Loving Family Life

African American Parents Giving Children Piggyback Rides

Have you ever seen a family that wants to be together, interacting, joking, laughing, teasing, arguing, hugging, making up, etc? Family can be a wonderful, encompassing bunch of fun sometimes. On the other hand, families can have a bunch of drama, turmoil, arguments, bad feelings, ill will, grudge fests, and the like.

It depends on the family that you are discussing. If you were lucky enough to find your soul mate, commit to your relationship, get married, and have a family, you are blessed. If you have had a little, and perhaps even a lot of money, wealth, and resources, you are double blessed. But even as the lyrics from a Luther Vandross tune says, ” I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else. I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe warm by myself… Hard times together than to have it easy apart. I’d rather have someone who holds my heart…”

Luther sang also about Dancing with his father again. Family can bring such happiness, when the love is there. And the love of a Father is precious, as well. Mother’s love is legendary.

Do you have a family? Is there love there? Do they love you, adore you? Do you feel accepted, included, depended upon? Responsible? Burdened, maybe? I suppose that there are two sides of the coin in familial relationship. Love and committment. Dependency and Responsibility. Security and Provision. I love my family. I count my blessings that I have their love, and that they love me.

I saw an excellent interview of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I was so impressed with Will and Jada as a Hollywood Power couple. I liked to hear what they said about their family. Much respect to them both.

Edward Robinson

Can you taste Happiness? Tastefully, yes!

Food is an important part of our lives. We eat to survive. Some eat to thrive. Some taste to feel more alive. Are there foods that are your favorites? What is it about those foods that are special to you? Is it how you feel as you eat them? Is it the taste of the food as it is eaten, or the happiness you feel after the delight has been consumed?

Let’s talk about coffee. Who loves coffee, like I do. The aroma as it is being brewed, brings comfort to a home. The taste is stimulating, the flavor is full. There are a wide variety of coffees, that originate from various diverse locales all around the world. How does coffee make you feel? Energized? Elevated? Stressed? Wait. How many cups have you had? This New York Times article, discusses the health benefits of coffee, and is a stimulating read:

As one gets older, some favorite foods may become less easy for the body to digest. As we move away from some comfort foods we can replace with others that taste better, and are better for you. Who doesn’t love shrimp? Here is a link for dishes that are made from shrimp.

Ice cream is a favorite food that brings happiness. What is your favorite flavor? Donuts are an all-time favorite, but they tend to put the pounds on, which may bring unhappiness later. On the other hand, chocolate tastes great, and is less filling, adding myriad health benefits.

Chocolate is said to release endorphins in the brain making one feel better. Dark Chocolate help to lower blood pressure under certain conditions.

Orange juice gives a morning boost and has potassium that helps start the day. is a food fave for you?  Post it on this blog with your comments. Cheers!

Can Money Make You Happier? It’s a safe bet…


When it comes to Happiness, it is a safe bet that access to money or resources plays a role. Things that money will buy can make you feel better. Like in the above music video by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars: many of us want to a billionaire, so… bad.

Buying things that make you feel successful are the pursuit of happiness for some people. Having the things that bring joy to you and your family are meaningful. Having cars, clothes, houses, and items of prestige help many to define their lives. But, I found an interesting article that shows how saving can lead towards happiness.

Saving for a goal although it may forego immediate gratification, can make one feel happy. Knowing that you are working towards a goal, that is part of a greater plan for your life, may make you feel happy about what struggles you may go through in the short term.

Saving money and investing in real estate, stocks, or education, have been historical paths to wealth and prosperity. Wealth has proven to make some people happier, though we don’t want to believe it’s true. This episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, entitled “The Cars of Tomorrow” has rare cars and real estate that might make one dream of what they would do with added riches.

Should you feel bad that someone is wealthy and you may not be? Heck no! Find a way to make the best life for yourself, now, today, and into your future. What you have, may not seem to be a lot, but it may be a lot to someone else.  If you are wealthy today, why not consider helping others less fortunate than yourself. For example, donating money to create a scholarship at your alma mater, or another school that does something for others that you think is meaningful.

Donating gently worn or “vintage” clothing to thrift stores will help those less fortunate than yourself. Sometimes you may even find something that you will like, too.

Giving to institutions that are well known to help others is fine, but how can you make a difference with limited funds? If your library or makerspace has been particularly gracious to you, why not donate funds to advance their progress. I remember the story of an individual who said he benefitted greatly from the public library system, He then donated liberally to it after he became wealthy. Timothy Sykes, wrote, “Ten Ways to Be a Stock Market Millionaire”, that has ideas to get started in investing.

What would you do with great wealth? Who would you help? What would you change? How would you make value? What worth would it bring? Would it make you happier? Write about it in the comments section. I will include some comments with this article. It is safe to say that Jay Leno, former host of the Tonight Show, is excited about vehicles. Here is an interesting video of Jay Leno’s Garage that shows what one person can do with great wealth.

How would great wealth influence your life, write about it in the comments.


Happiness is for you…

Happiness means different things to different people. The Happiness Place is a place to explore things that make you feel better than before. Happiness often is the opposite of sadness. Wealth rather than poverty. Health rather than sickness. Wellness rather than malaise. “Joy rather than pain. Sunshine rather than rain”, as in the song made popular by the musical group Frankie Beverly and Maze.

What makes one happy? Technology promises to make our lives better. With advances in voice control, security systems, better computing, tablets, smart tvs, tablets, virtual reality, drones, cars, trucks, real estate, trips, vacations, etc. Do we feel happier with new and better technology? Absolutely! Improve your technology, and improve your happiness. This is true for most people. Time saving devices make your life easier, and reduce stressful situations from day to day.

Sometimes happiness is derived from something you do. An interesting article from highlights things we all can do to be happier in our lives.

Sometimes happiness is a pursuit. Like chasing a dream, or accomplishing a lifetime goal, happiness can be found here. Actor Will Smith’s movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness” offers a glimpse into this type of Happyness.

Sometimes happiness is found in a place. A place that makes you feel happy, appreciated, and accepted. Maybe a place far away from the stressers that haunt you. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip. I’m just sayin’.

The Happiness is a place to find and keep the happy flowing. Come back again and again. Welcome to the Happy!