Is Happiness a Place we can visit? If so, can we stay there?
 Happiest Places to Live

Happiness is a place. It’s a place you can go. It’s where you belong. You’re welcomed there. You’re glad you went. They’re glad you came. Sometimes people try to retreat to a mental “Happy Place”, which is fine I suppose, but then you have to leave there. Are there locales that we can travel to that are nicer than others until we find the perfect spot for us? I think so. In a word, “Yes”!

Happiness is a pursuit that is listed in the United States Constitution. But finding your personal nirvana, can become a life quest or grand challenge. What qualities would define your ideal surroundings? What would make the deal for you?

Cost of living and the power of your money would certainly play a role, because the better your money spends somewhere, the more you can have, and the more you can do? What do you like to do?

Do you play a sport? Race cars? Dine sumptuously? Sail, surf, build? Tell us of your favorite destinations in the comments section. Cheers!