Happiness Is Living Your Dreams — What is it you have always dreamed to do or achieve?


Happiness is Living Your Dreams! What is it you have always wanted to do in life? Make a list. Some folks call it a BucketList. They even made a movie about it. By the way, here is the late Roger Ebert’s review of The Bucket List.

But, seriously make a list of life goals and take a look at them every 4 months or so, just to see how you are doing with your goals.

Here is an image of the Tesla Model S

What type of transportation do you always wish you had? Where would you go? How might you travel?

Where would you dream to live? How would you live? What type of home?

Will you travel? If so, then where? This is an image of a hotel in Aspen:

Do you have health and wellness goals? Would you lose weight? Do you want to gain body mass, and body strength? Are you slimming down dress sizes, or trying to fit into a suit you used to wear?

Goals need to have due dates attached to them, and quantifiable amounts, so that we can tell when we have reached the goal.

Give it some deep thought over time. Decide what you want, and how you can accomplish your personal, and professional goals.

What are some ah-ha moments for you, as you went through or are going through this process? Share them with us in the comments area of the blog. If you do, we may publish some of them on the blog, to stimulate more conversation. Cheers!

Happiness Is Being Accepted And Appreciated At Work

npr.org Work can be stressful dangerous and sometimes great

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This is the age people start hating work

Work begins to lose its luster at age 35, according to a survey of UK employees, with one in six workers older than 35 saying they were unhappy at the office. (That’s more than double the number of unhappy workers under 35.) In many cases, work and life begin to change around this age: Employees may experience stress from high-ranking positions (or, conversely, not reaching career goals), and cost of living and work-life balance both shift with family obligations. Another recent study in the US found that the workplace itself could be taxing; nearly one in five face a hostile or threatening work environment, and only 38% of workers say their job offers good opportunities for advancement (and that shrinks for older employees). Quote taken from #Hating Work 

Happiness is Being Accepted and Appreciated at Work. For many of us, we dreamed of doing something else other than what we do for a vocation. Much like the aspiring actress, waiting tables, or bartending, while waiting for that big break, many of us are really skilled at something else, other than what they do at their jobs every day.  

Certainly work has changed over recent years. More and more workers are retrained into careers that they may have never considered before. After the economic downturn in 2007, workers are ever more likely to be in jobs they don’t like. People are encouraged to take any job, and are working for a check, basically.

Where is the Happiness in working in a job or career that you do not enjoy? Moreover, if your coworkers make work more difficult for you to do, how do you find the happy in that?

Reinventing yourself is a tradition that happens to workers as they age, anyway. It is good to look at your skillset, and find things that you are really good at. Over time, try your hand at the various skills. Hone your skills with focused training in those specialty areas. Be flexible, and willing to try new careers.

Will everyone fit in at every company? Probably not. Personalities may clash, at one company, where the same individual will fit right in at a different company. Be willing to find the right place for you. Ask friends, and family. Apply to new places. Even though it may take a while to do so, finding employment that is enriching because of acceptance is worth the extra searching.


Is Happiness a Place we can visit? If so, can we stay there?




Wallethub.com Happiest Places to Live



Happiness is a place. It’s a place you can go. It’s where you belong. You’re welcomed there. You’re glad you went. They’re glad you came. Sometimes people try to retreat to a mental “Happy Place”, which is fine I suppose, but then you have to leave there. Are there locales that we can travel to that are nicer than others until we find the perfect spot for us? I think so. In a word, “Yes”!

Happiness is a pursuit that is listed in the United States Constitution. But finding your personal nirvana, can become a life quest or grand challenge. What qualities would define your ideal surroundings? What would make the deal for you?

Cost of living and the power of your money would certainly play a role, because the better your money spends somewhere, the more you can have, and the more you can do? What do you like to do?

Do you play a sport? Race cars? Dine sumptuously? Sail, surf, build? Tell us of your favorite destinations in the comments section. Cheers!

Sometimes Happiness Is Managing Sadness that you feel…


Sometimes Happiness is managing sadness that you feel from a loss in your life. Some people suffered the loss of a loved one. Others manage sadness from a marriage breakup. Often families are separated when that happens. One person mentioned that when families break up, all the friends get divided like cell mitosis, becoming his, the husband’s, friends, or her, the wife’s friends, from then on.

Some mourn the loss of a job, or maybe even a career. Business people sometimes are voted out of companies that they founded, or helped to build. (Think Steve Jobs, when he was voted out of Apple)

The older a worker gets, the more they know, the better they get. But also the slower they get, and the more they need to sit down after strenuous effort.

But Happiness is the opposite of Sadness, and mourning. Does it mean that you don’t feel sad frequently, when you think of the person, relationship, career, job, youth, that you may have lost? You may feel some kind of way about these losses. And, that is normal. But, remember the good times, more than the sad. Remember the Sunshine more than the Rain. Remember like the Frankie Beverly song: “Joy and Pain is like Sunshine and Rain”.

We are often told by health professionals to create a “Gratitude Journal”. Begin to write about what we are thankful for. Write about what we are happy about. Take care of yourself during these times. Be aware of how you are feeling and take control of your emotions. Life can get better. You will get through this. You are not alone.

Turn the page on this sad chapter of your life. Move on to a brighter future. There may be a change of attitude you need to make. New clothes that represent the new you, and your new life. Remember you can buy clothes at thrift stores that are name brand, and classicly styled. And, you look fabulous! New people, new job, new career,… Anything’s possible if you believe.

Happiness Is A Loving Family Life

African American Parents Giving Children Piggyback Rides

Have you ever seen a family that wants to be together, interacting, joking, laughing, teasing, arguing, hugging, making up, etc? Family can be a wonderful, encompassing bunch of fun sometimes. On the other hand, families can have a bunch of drama, turmoil, arguments, bad feelings, ill will, grudge fests, and the like.

It depends on the family that you are discussing. If you were lucky enough to find your soul mate, commit to your relationship, get married, and have a family, you are blessed. If you have had a little, and perhaps even a lot of money, wealth, and resources, you are double blessed. But even as the lyrics from a Luther Vandross tune says, ” I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else. I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe warm by myself… Hard times together than to have it easy apart. I’d rather have someone who holds my heart…”

Luther sang also about Dancing with his father again. Family can bring such happiness, when the love is there. And the love of a Father is precious, as well. Mother’s love is legendary.

Do you have a family? Is there love there? Do they love you, adore you? Do you feel accepted, included, depended upon? Responsible? Burdened, maybe? I suppose that there are two sides of the coin in familial relationship. Love and committment. Dependency and Responsibility. Security and Provision. I love my family. I count my blessings that I have their love, and that they love me.

I saw an excellent interview of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I was so impressed with Will and Jada as a Hollywood Power couple. I liked to hear what they said about their family. Much respect to them both.

Edward Robinson