Can you taste Happiness? Tastefully, yes!

Food is an important part of our lives. We eat to survive. Some eat to thrive. Some taste to feel more alive. Are there foods that are your favorites? What is it about those foods that are special to you? Is it how you feel as you eat them? Is it the taste of the food as it is eaten, or the happiness you feel after the delight has been consumed?

Let’s talk about coffee. Who loves coffee, like I do. The aroma as it is being brewed, brings comfort to a home. The taste is stimulating, the flavor is full. There are a wide variety of coffees, that originate from various diverse locales all around the world. How does coffee make you feel? Energized? Elevated? Stressed? Wait. How many cups have you had? This New York Times article, discusses the health benefits of coffee, and is a stimulating read:

As one gets older, some favorite foods may become less easy for the body to digest. As we move away from some comfort foods we can replace with others that taste better, and are better for you. Who doesn’t love shrimp? Here is a link for dishes that are made from shrimp.

Ice cream is a favorite food that brings happiness. What is your favorite flavor? Donuts are an all-time favorite, but they tend to put the pounds on, which may bring unhappiness later. On the other hand, chocolate tastes great, and is less filling, adding myriad health benefits.

Chocolate is said to release endorphins in the brain making one feel better. Dark Chocolate help to lower blood pressure under certain conditions.

Orange juice gives a morning boost and has potassium that helps start the day. is a food fave for you?  Post it on this blog with your comments. Cheers!

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